Racism in Florida’s very own Millenial Right Wing Extremist & FL House Representative, Anthony Sabatini (District 32) seems to be a common theme with this young man. Since his early years, he has been known to mess with people of color by mocking them in costume and or simply using the typical insults any young white male from the South would make towards people of color. Now he has been caught on Twitter posting threats to shoot peaceful protestors which were in reference to the peaceful protests that were going to be held in Lake County that week organized by young black activists like RJ Rogers, Joa MacNalie, and Kevon Miller.

The post was so bad that even Fred Guttenberg, the father of Stoneman Douglas’s Jaime Gutenberg, was outraged and posted a reply for Mr. Sabatini which read:  Yes @AnthonySabatini, I recognize that weapon. it is the one used to murder my daughter and 16 others in her Parkland Florida School.

FL deserves so much better than this guy with his violent ways constantly pushing conspiracy theories that the President pushes just so he could align himself with him. This brown noser will be defeated come November. Our communities deserve so much better.

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Video of Ryan Speaking out in regard to this issue to his community in Clermont FL 


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