Trump finally wears a mask and even talks about wearing one for safety in a recent briefing. This is a total 180 Degree turn for Trump after for many months mocking the masks and saying it would make him look weak. Funny enough the whole presentation was made to make him look like a tough guy coming down the hall. What can i say? I’m just happy he is wearing one and telling his people to wear a mask now since they don’t listen to the scientist and doctors who are trying to keep everyone safe by helping contain this virus. Make Masks Great Again!!


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Now for the other side of the spectrum — Meet Florida Man State Rep. Anthony Sabatini.

The country is in a tailspin with a massive wave of cases affecting many states. Florida right now is the epicenter of cases but our infamous State Representative has decided to go on live tv and tell the people there is nothing to see here and that it’s all a lie. Meanwhile, Miami is currently calling in the National Guard to staff the overflow field hospital being set up at Miami Beach Convention Center. Just as many hospitals in the area are reporting zero ICU beds across the state, our rep says there is no need to shut down the state again. I disagree with him. We need to act fast and report the real data to help make people realize this isn’t a joke anymore and we need to wear masks.

Brianna Keilar recently had Anthony Sabatini (FL HD32) on CNN to talk about the mask mandates and his lawsuits. Sadly our representative’s response was a complete shock to Ms. Keilar. You can see her jaw drop as Anthony sat there saying we are doing fine. He said it was a false assessment that Florida is the epicenter right now when in fact Florida leads the nation in new cases and has set records in the last 14 days. Somehow he seems to have not gotten the memo and continues to push for his anti-mask mandate lawsuits.

A Leon County circuit judge has recently ruled against a lawsuit filed by State Rep. Anthony Sabatini to overturn Leon County’s mask ordinance. This is just one of the many lawsuits he has filed trying to enrich himself and his buddies during this pandemic. Currently, Sabatini is suing Orange County, Hillsborough County, Deland, St Augustine, Seminole County, and many others he has threatened. He has decided to use this for his political gain and personal gain as he strives to become the youngest Governor in the state of Florida.

We can not allow this dangerous individual to even come close to governing our great state of Florida. He would turn this place upside down and destroy everything all for the sake of his big donors. He would push for his open carry legislation which would lead to massive shootings and death of innocent people. He thrives on the far-right Trump supporters and tries to act as a mini version of him to get their attention. He would also impose his anti-abortion agenda and any sort of protection for the LGBTQ community would disappear with the stroke of his pen.

Just recently I was able to ask him a question at the local Chamber Legislative wrap up. I had asked what he planned on doing with the upcoming evictions problem as a result of this COVID19 lockdown which could lead to a housing crisis and homeless problem. To my surprise and the surprise of many on this Zoom meeting he literally said the governor should have never put a rent moratorium and he would let everyone get evicted since they couldn’t pull up their bootstraps and pay their debt. Even for small businesses, he and Senator Baxley both said if they couldn’t put away for at least 6 months of rent, they didn’t belong being in business. 

I couldn’t believe their response and felt compelled to really put in more of an effort to get rid of Sabatini this November and squash his dreams of being our Governor here and now. There is no reason this man should ever hold any sort of leadership position. He has proven to be a failure for Lake County by not bringing in any money from the state in the last two legislative sessions. His was the only veto from the governor before the pandemic and he was only focused on trying to pass the most right-wing extremist laws that mad his base salivate. Thankfully we have other smart representatives that shut down his terrible bills by voting them down. Now we just need to remove him this November. 

From the ashes of the COVID19 lockdown, a new hero emerges and he is ready to take Sabatini out. Meet Ryan Morales Democratic candidate for FL House District 32!

Hi! I’m Ryan Morales and I need your help to remove this dangerous individual. I am running for Florida House District 32 and my main goal is to really bring a change for the people of Lake County and all of Florida. I am a man of science, a progressive, and a Kennedy Liberal. As a father and local football coach, I have been advising people to follow all CDC guidelines in order to protect themselves from this Virus. I’m just following the advice of experts and scientists. Here are the current recommendations as of today.

Current CDC Guidelines as of July 16th, 2020

CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
Cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.
Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.
Cloth face coverings should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

Ryan Morales for FL HD 32
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Now This giving you the play by play on the deaf statements Anthony Sabatini said on CNN 7/15/2020

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