As Florida is slowly becoming the new epicenter for this COVID19 virus, our very own Lake County Representative Anthony Sabatini (R — District 32) has filed suit against many Florida counties for mandating mask use. This Trumpian has decided to side with his Fuehrer and is risking the lives of many working on the front lines by refusing the mask mandates and referring to the whole virus as a Hoax.

Lake County people are suffering — Where is our leadership?

Meanwhile, many in his county are suffering from this unemployment fiasco in which only 48% of the applicants have been fully paid to date, the rest are struggling to get by. People are depending on local food banks and local churches who are all running out of supplies and donations to keep these food lines moving along.

Our local constituents have reached out to him only to be insulted and then blocked by the Representative on all his social media platforms and some even by email. If I remember correctly this was ruled unconditional and he is breaking the law. Since he is not being held accountable he will continue to be a bully and do what he wants with no regard.